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The share capital of the Company is 1,042,593 Levs, fully subscribed and paid up, divided into 1,042,593 ordinary dematerialized, registered shares with voting and  nominal 1 lev each.

Each share entitles its holder to one vote at the General Meeting of shareholders, the right of a dividend  and liquidation, in proportion to the nominal value of the share.

The Company's shares are traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia, Alternative market (Bulgarian Alternative Stock Market or BaSE) / BSE code HHI / 4KT /. Trading of the  shares may be made only by an investment firm, a member of the BSE Ltd - Sofia. The book of shareholders is kept by the Central Depository.

    Sales and Purchases shares

The transfer of shares of Kostenec-HHI AD is performed as provided by law. Company shares may be acquired from all Bulgarian and  foreign individuals or legal persons observing the requirements  of the current Bulgarian legislation.

Being a public company, the purchase and sale of shares of "Kostenec-HHI" AD is performed only on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia, using a licensed investment intermediaries. The lists of licensed by Financial Supervisory Commission investment brokers are published on the Commission website, and the site of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange Information on investment brokers you can get at FSC tel: 0900 32300. Investment intermediaries are companies whose main activity is the purchase and sale of securities. Banks also act as investment brokers. The investment intermediary receives commission from investors in the purchase and sale of shares for their own account.

    Depository receipts

To prove your shares, you must have a Depository receipt for them. Depository receipts are issued by the Central Depository AD - Sofia, who leads  the book of Shareholders of the Company. Central Depository does not operate with citizens, but only with investment intermediaries.
Therefore, if you do not own Depository receipt evidencing the ownership of company shares you should contact the investment intermediary - registered agent and to assign the issuance of the document.
Issuance of a copy of Depository receipt shall be paid, and almost all banks are registration agents. To perform the above actions, you can authorize a third party through the notarized power of attorney.

    Stock Exchange Trading

Information on stock exchange quotations on issue of shares 4KT / HHI is published on the website of Alternative stock market (BaSE - Market) of BSE - Sofia AD /, economic sites  www sites and .

Contact person - Mariya Zaykova - Director Investor Relations
mobile: +359 882 397 161,,


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