About the company

Business sector

Kostenets - HHI AD is located in  the town of Kostenets on the area of ​​137 000 square meters. The company has well developed infrastructure, including railway terminal and is located about 10 km from the main highway.

Kostenets - HHI AD belongs to the pulp and paper business sector. It includes the production of paper, pulp, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, cellophane and other products used in household and business. Pulp and paper industry produces about 2.1% of total industrial product in Bulgaria. It employs around 16 000 people. The sector share for the country is 1,3% export and 3,1% import. The raw material costs are about 60-70% of production prime-costs, and the share of energy consumption is around 20-30%. The main part of the companies was built in the 70s and the country meets about 80% of its needs for cardboard, paper and pulp with own production.

The Mill is located in the town of Kostenets on the Northern bank of Maritsa river with a North-South running road running to the West in front of the Main gate over the river. A railroad track forms the borders to the North and East.

  Location Size
The Company’s industrial site is as land area Kostenets mill site 136.787 m2
The buildings on the site have a floor area of 55.411 m 2
The buildings cover a land area of 32.311 m2

Additionally there are several buildings for warehouses, repair shops etc. The buildings are in appropriate condition. Bulgarian factories are constructed in compliance with Bulgarian earthquake building standards. There is a plenty of space on the site. Inside the Main production building on the 2nd floor at the end of the tissue machines PM 2 and PM 3 there is also ready built a large free space for further expanding of the capacity.

The main access road under the railroad to the South-East of the Mill has a vertical clearance of 3,80 m but bigger lorries pass through the village of Momin Prohod to the North of the Mill.

There are 3 loading tracks, for pulp & finished goods, for recycled paper stored outside and for oil. The length of the main loading platform is 50 m.

Electricity supply capacity from the grid
There are 2 transformers 110/6 kV with capacity 16 MVA and 20 MVA respectively.

Water supply capacity
The Mill has two sources of fresh water:
1. One is by a 17 501 m long pipeline owned by the Company from a source high in the mountains. It brings the water to two water tanks of 2 000 m3 each at a level 34 m above the production facility level.
2. The other water supply source is a pump station from Maritsa River also owned by the Company. The facility is operational and well maintained. It pumps the water to the tanks mentioned above.

Waste water
The Mill has systems for water circulation as well as a waste water treatment plant. The permitted level of water discharges to Maritsa river is max 55-70 m3/t of production.

Kostenets HHI AD
2030 Kostenets
2, "Saedinenie" str.

tel.: +359 7142/ 21 - 31
fax: +359 7142/ 23 - 11

tel.: +359 7142/ 22 - 60
fax: +359 7142/ 21 - 78