About the company

Since the beginning of 2012 the upgraded company facilities gradually increase the production capacity, together with the product range diversification. This enables the number of customers and market presence of the company to be increased. The goal is to reach the level of the largest manufacturer of paper tissue in the region.

The present management strategy for development aims to meet customer requirements through new paper grades, with new quality characteristics imposed by consumer demands. It also aims an implementation of number of measures in order to reduce the costs and particularly the improvement of the energy efficiency as well as introduction of measures for limitation of fiber losses.

Kostenets-HHI AD has the following main production equipment:

  1. Paper Machine 1 (PM1)
Manufacturer Voith
Start up year  1931
Grades Fluting from  recycled paper
Basis weight range, g/m2 80-220
Trim width, cm 218
Max speed m/min 100
Max gross production t/d 30
Annual net production, t/a 8 000
Wet end concept Long wire
Press section     3 presses
Calendering       Yes
Dryer section    Yes
Overhead crane Yes

  1. Paper Machine 2 (PM2)
Manufacturer Andritz & USSR
Start up year 1980 and reconstructed in 1988
Grades MG paper and tissue paper 1 ply
Basis weight range, g/m2 25-70 for MG
17-40 for tissue
Trim width, cm 420
Max speed m/min 450
Max gross production t/d  55 tons for MG
35 tons for tissue
Annual net production, t/a         15 000 tons for MG
9 000 tons for tissue
Wet end concept Long wire
Press section     3 presses
Calendering       No
Dryer section    Drying cylinders + Yankee
Overhead crane Yes, jointly for PM 2 and PM 3
Steam source 2011 Cogeneration plant

The company management implements a complex of further modernization of the existing facilities in 2012 in order to improve the products’ quality, reduce the direct production costs, which will lead to improvement of the profitability.

During the second half of 2012 the following investments are under implementation:

Reconstruction of paper machine PM2:

  • pope reel replacement;
  • rewinder replacement;
  • replacement of the packing machine and the conveyors line.

The implemented reconstruction and modernization of PM2 aims to reduce the process broke of the machine which in turn leads to a significant reduction of production costs for both recycled tissue papers and MG papers. New rewinder assists also the PM3 which allows an increase in the capacity of  the single-layer papers production. 



  1. Paper Machine 3 (PM3)
Manufacturer OverMeccanica
Start up year    2009 (for test runs only). Production start April 2011

Tissue 1-3 ply

Basis weight range, g/m2 15-35
Trim width, cm 275
Max speed m/min


Max gross production t/d 60-90 t/24 h
Annual net production, t/a 15-24 g/m2 = 20 - 27000 t/a
Wet end concept Crescent former
Press section     Blind press and suction press

Rewinder with calender

Dryer section    Gas hood and yankee cylinder
Overhead crane Yes, jointly for PM 2 and PM 3
Steam source Cogeneration plant
Gas (for hood burners)         100-120 Nm3/t

Достигането на максималния капацитет на новата машина РМ3 в края на 2012 г., заедно с нарасналите възможности на пазара през 2011 г., доведе до рязко увеличаване на производството, като по този начин се използват рационално създадените положителни тенденции в търсенето на вътрешния и международния пазари за различни  крайни продукти.


    Automatic gas distribution station (AGDS) and industrial gas pipeline

    Description: AGRS

    Automatic gas distribution station (AGDS) and industrial gas pipeline with a total length of 12 093 meters, providing a minimum of 52 million nm3 gas per year. Equipment is manufactured in 2011 by Fiorentino, Italy.


  1. Gas co-generation plant - Centrax Ltd. – 2011
  2. In order to ensure reliability and independence of price and deliveries of electricity, as well as to achieve additional energy efficiency, the company has established gas cogeneration plant with two parallel lines working independently from each other consisting of gas turbines and boilers (2 x 3,78 MWe maximum electrical power and 2 boilers x 15 tons of steam/hour). Each line has the following specification:

Parameter Metric
Power ISO 3.789 kW
Steam Production (unfired) ~ 15 t/h
Generator Voltage Range 6,1 kV

The management has decided to decommission and remove from Kostenets-HHI AD’ site one turbo set Centrax CX501-KB5 in order to reduce the costs. It has never been in regular use, but built for back-up only.  A gas burner was installed on the second boiler in order to use it as a spare heat capacity when necessary.


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