About the company

Environmental protection

   Protecting the environment is a general obligation of "Kostenets - HHI" AD, which defines the responsibility of every employee working for and on behalf of the company  in execution of the main activity - production of paper, paperboard and articles thereof.
   Environmental policy of "Kostenec - HHI" AD is based on the following basic principles:
Environmental protection in compliance with legal and other requirements associated with the identified environmental aspects of the Company.
   Continuous improvement of environmental performance and prevention of the pollution.
Systematically checking the functioning of the Environmental Management System and promptly correction of identified nonconformities.

   In applying these principles, the Company goals are in the following areas:
• Reducing consumption of natural resources - water, energy and fibrous materials
• Reducing environmental emissions - wastewater, emissions and waste
• Implementation of best technical and technological solutions for reducing environmental impacts based on the capacity of the Company
• Maintenance of permanent readiness for emergency response activities
• Publicity and cooperation with interested parties related to environmental protection
• Monitoring and documentation of results and maintenance the EMS effectiveness

   All of the employees of "Kostenets - HHI" AD undertake to provide individual contribution in the implementation of our policy.

Quality Policy
   The quality of work  is a general obligation in "Kostenets - HHI" AD, which determines the liability of each of our employees. The management of "Kostenets - HHI" AD is well aware of its obligation to develop and maintain a Quality System.
  As evidence of our professionalism and competence in the work we are committed to:
• create and maintain a supportive work environment for our employees, expressed in mutual trust and
      respect, collaboration, continuous training, compliance with security requirements, labor protection,
      environmental protection, commitment to quality work, recognition of personal and collective success;
• create conditions for all employees to identify and use the opportunities to improve the quality of their work
      in the optimum use of available resources;
• Identifying and removing errors and sources of errors in process of our work in order to be avoided in the
      final product, and repeated in the future;
• Systematically checking the quality system, promptly correcting the found deficiencies in order to
      continuously  improve it.

 Each employee of  "Kostenets - HHI" AD undertakes in this regard to give personal contribution in the implementation of our quality policy.

  The quality of our work is subject to regular internal audits by qualified auditors and controlled by external independent certification authorities.


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